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The most important history is the one we make today. 

- Henry Ford


History is important as it shows where you've come from and provides example of capabilities and intentions. 

Redemption Life Tabernacle Church Prep has a successful lineage that spans more than a quarter of a century.  Dr. Timothy Miller founded God's Academy in the Dallas, TX area in 2003.  Dr. Miller moved his organization to Tulsa to take care of family in 2015, and began rebuilding his mission to serve student-athletes willing to work hard to achieve their goals under the name of the church he serves as a Pastor, Redemption Life Tabernacle Church.  Dr. Roy Pinder, one of Oklahoma's premier grassroots supporters/promoters, began working with Dr. Miller in 2017, and the two formally joined forces in 2018.  During that time, the organization has fostered the development of highly successful athletes, both men and women, and the teams earned multiple regional and national titles.  A significant number of students have gone on to achieve higher-education goals, many continuing as athletes, and a good number have been blessed to demonstrate their skills as professional athletes or coaching the next generation of athletes.

History is fun to reflect upon and see what you have accomplished.  However, the most important thing we can do it continue to succeed in the present.  For the Student-Athletes that RLTC Prep serves, their time is here!


The purpose of our organization is to equip young people to achieve their goals.  Under the tutelage of Coach Miller, RLTC Prep and its predecessor organization, God's Academy, have been actively impacting the lives of young men and women more than 25 years.  During that time, more than 300 Student-Athletes have gone on to play college basketball, but Coach Miller is most proud of those who have gone on to succeed in everyday life.  Below are just a few of our alumni...

Wally Elnour

Actor, "Sunshine" - Australia

Pascal Siakam

New Mexico State / Toronto

Trey Dickerson


Brendan Westendorf

Seattle University

James Williams

University of Texas - San Antonio

KC Ross-Miller

Auburn University / European Pro 

Titus Rubles

University of Cincinnati / D-League

Joston Thomas

Hawaii University / D-League

Richard Amardi

University of Oregon / Canada Pro

Jaren Jeffcoat

Norwich University / NU Coach

Faisal Aden

Washington State / Somali National Team

Rodney McCauley

Norfolk State University

Daequon Montreal

Boise State / Australia Pro

Kevin Anderson

Cleveland State / European Pro