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A Collaborative Approach to Leadership

RLTC Prep has partnered with Mind Trotters to develop an effective curriculum around leadership. The leadership principles will focus on Synergy, which will be known as Synergistic Leadership. 


Synergistic leaders are ones who gain an understanding of situations before they make decisions. Understanding as a synergistic leader allows one to be courageous, confident, forward thinkers and proactive. Synergistic leader’s primary goal is to empower the people around them. You empower an individual by equipping each with the tools they need to be successful and then releasing them.


Synergy begins when one master thinking and seeks first to understand. Synergy occurs in a trusting atmosphere of open communication where team members begin to flourish and see superior results. Consider the energy that each has, as we begin to synchronize our efforts in one accord. This is the power of synergy, everyone coming together to help a team of individuals accomplish something one cannot achieve on their own.

Creating knowledge through critical thinking and collaboration

Our ability to think can be stimulated by rhetoric. One of the earliest practitioners was Corax of Syracuse, who taught us how to use words to stimulate the minds. Socrates encouraged us to think about many things through questioning. He once said “The unexamined life is not worth living,” in other words gain understanding through questions and research.

Transformation through understanding and action that develops synergistic results

Team Members who move through the process of gaining understanding of situations before making decisions will be sound in their approach. Understanding is procured by team members who have the knowledge necessary to execute their task, but needs to understand the dynamics before they can effect change. In order to gain synergistic results, leaders should be able be analyze, remain objective, separate and connect ambiguous material, classify, arrange, select, infer and explain a variety of issues.