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Hard work is not punishment. Hard work is the price of admission for the opportunity to reach sustained excellence .

- Jay Bilas


One of the most basic Principles in team sports is removing  "I" from the conversation. Simply put, we are transitioning minds from a "I" to a "We" culture of team sports. This is a daily process that begins with leadership. There are no short cuts to "We" (Team) culture, but merely a commitment to excellence. 


Purpose allows you to establish goals and plan accordingly. Purpose offers you the opportunity to create the blueprint. Imagine if you wanted to build a house, but you were unable to create the blueprint because you did not have purpose. You will not be clear on the type of house you desire to build.


The process is a required part of achieving success defined by the team yearly. The process in many cases requires a DETOUR; Define, Educate, Time Management, Organize, Understanding, Risk Taking. Our commitment to the process is perpetual because when your focus is the development of individuals, there are no bounds to the success. 


The ultimate goal of all team members is to ensure all participants are committed. Without commitment, the goals is more challenging to accomplish, whereby synergy does not emerge at an optimal level. Commitment is a daily activity that is demonstrated for the common good of the team.